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SpaceVR's VR Headset
Virtual Reality Experience

We are proud that we have many satisfied Spa locations Globally, using our VR headsets.

How It Works?

A New 360 Panoramic VR World Experience

Powerful Trigger Button

Adjustable Head Strap

Waterproof. Humidity Proof. Perfection.

SpaceVR is the only company on the planet to have a VR headset specifically designed to work in a float pod environment. Our headsets feature resolution per eye higher than most brands on the market today.

Overview 1 - Set To Launch In 2021!

SpaceVR is working to launch Overview 1, the world’s first virtual reality camera satellite. Overview 1 will use 4K sensors to capture LIVE, extremely high resolution, fully immersive, 360-degree video from low Earth orbit. While you have the zero gravity of a float pod, you will have the most intense real time spaceflight possible.

"It just keeps getting better and better."
VR Experience True Rest Napa
Ross White, Napa True REST
Spa Owner


Headsets are custom manufactured to order. As soon as you send us your payment we can get started with your build. Total amount is $1500 lease per headset.

SpaceVR's VR Headset

2 SpaceVR Customized Headsets Lease


Frequently Asked Questions

You will see the beauty of our planet from the International Space Station for 45min, which is equal to half an orbit around Earth. We used the best footage from space to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

You have complete control of your environment. You can leave the light on or get out anytime. You can start by leaving the float tank door slightly open until you feel settled and relaxed. Being in the tanks is more like floating in outer space than being shut in a box. You’re always in control of your environment, and even people with extreme claustrophobia have reported having no problems with their time in the tank

If you wear reading glasses to see up close, you should bring them to wear during your virtual float too.

This process is very easy. You simply put your headset on. Adjust the straps on the sides for comfort and lay back. Our smart electronic system will do the rest.

Explore SpaceVR's Customized VR Headset​


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