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Float Center Opportunity

Own a float spa/wellness center? If you’re interested in new revenue, increased customer conversions and taking your clients to the next level of bliss – we’d love to hear from you.


Adding this new service to your float center is easy.

We developed the world’s only patent-pending, commercial application of virtual reality headset that functions in the float environment. Yes, our headset is waterproof! Yes, it’s been tested many times through rigorous floats to ensure it survives. If someone dunks it, it will live on for another space float!

Our first virtual reality experience is a Space Float around Earth in Orbit for 45 minutes. The experience fits perfectly into a standard 60-minute session. We always add 15 minutes at the end of our content for people to experience silent dark R.E.S.T floating. This gap allows people to integrate into a full meditative experience and feel what traditional floating is. It also allows sessions to stay on-time in case the session started a few minutes late.

First of all, we love floating in silent dark tanks here at SpaceVR. Our executive team floats weekly and we encourage all employees to make floatation a regular practice. We know magic awaits anyone who gets into the tank. We also know that therapeutic virtual reality is extremely effective based on many research studies. Virtual reality floating will be even more powerful experiences with specific wellness outcomes. Imagine all the additional therapeutic benefits on top of the great stuff Justin Feinstein and team told all of us about clinical float research.

Our founder Ryan Holmes was inspired by The Overview Effect. Researcher Frank White from Harvard discovered that astronauts have a profound realization in space. A moment of awe. They float in zero gravity and have a divine connection with our beautiful home planet and transform to create a positive impact for humanity upon their return. Many create foundations and write books inspired by The Overview Effect. Inspired by the transcendental experiences that hundreds of astronauts experience, Ryan asked Frank to be one of our advisors and felt a strong urge to recreate The Overview Effect for you and I here on Earth. The beauty of a Space Float in a float tank is that many people who had the experience have said the same exact things that astronauts say when they have The Overview Effect. Additionally, everyone in our company is passionate about what it would mean to the world if we all had The Overview Effect. Space Floating is not just a virtual experience in the tank, but rather an experience that we’re using for positive impact in an environment as close to space as we can get. We are driven every day to share this experience with as many people as possible.

Actually, the opposite is true. We are able to remove many barriers to entry with the invitation to go to space in VR. We appeal to a much, much wider audience than what traditional floating can market to. Even the most claustrophobic clients tell us that they had profound experiences especially in the last 15 minutes of their float with silent darkness. Our experience is meditative, slow-moving and allows you to completely relax and sync with the pace of the Earth. Looking at the Earth is a way to focus the mind on a slow-moving orbit with a meditative feeling. They frequently say that they look forward to trying sensory deprivation on a future visit.

All ages, genders, and people from all walks of life love the idea of floating in space. People who saw the first moonwalk and the younger generations inspired by Mars2020 and SpaceX missions. Space is definitely fashionable this year. It’s truly a fun date idea to go on a Space Date with a friend or loved one and appeals to techies, VR fans, and people who love unique experiences.

There are only a couple of extra steps. The headset is ready in the room for the float. You still give all the same standard float briefings. Earplugs, shower, dry face, hands, and hair to avoid water droplets on the lenses. Step into the pod with the headset. Adjust for comfort. Lay back on the halo and enjoy your Space Float. At the end, place the headset outside the pod and exit carefully for your shower.

Yes! We are very excited to create a powerful content library focused on wellness. Our mission is the same as yours. Make better humans!

Setting up the headset takes about 3 minutes. Cleaning takes about 2-3minutes.

Nope! We offer a full-service partner to support you with the latest tech, training, new content and even marketing through social media, email campaigns and connecting with local organizations to offer exposure to your spa.