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Experience Virtual Reality Space Therapy in 15 cities around the world:

Napa, CA

Marina Del Ray, LA

Houston, TX

Boston, MA

Lyons, Chicago, IL

Hong Kong, China

American Fork, UT (Openning in 29 days)

Vancouver, Canada (Openning in 29 days)

Ocean Township, NJ (Openning in 29 days)

Albuquerque, New Mexico (Openning in 29 days)

Amsterdam, Netherlands (Openning in 21 days) 

Den Haag, Netherlands (Openning in 21 days)

Munich, Germany (Openning in 29 days)

Copenhagen, DK (Openning in 29 days)

Mumbai, India (Openning in 29 days)

And more!

Use your membership towards 4 services offered:



Fire & Ice Therapy

Salt Therapy

Sound Bed

Oxygen Bar Therapy


We are working towards ten new high quality pieces per month as well as launching our satellite this year for continuous majestic views of space. 


The price for membership is $299.00 per Month.

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