Frequently Asked Questions​

You will see the beauty of our planet from the International Space Station for 45min, which is equal to half an orbit around Earth. We used the best footage from space to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

If you wear reading glasses to see up close, you should bring them to wear during your experience.

The process is very easy. You simply put your headset on. Adjust the straps on the sides for comfort and relax. Our smart electronic system will do the rest

Most people love the experience – it’s slow moving. Please be sure not to come on an empty stomach and not right after a heavy meal either. Enjoy a light snack before and you should feel great all through your experience.

The headset is completely in your control and you can remove or put it back on at any time. 

Everyone has very unique experiences. Most feel relaxed similar to wonderful massage. Be gentle and give yourself time afterward to relax and absorb the experience.

We all have expectations and are a normal part of our instant and busy society. As a rule of thumb we suggest to not hold any expectations before your first session and to have a neutral mind. Simply by letting go of expectations, the mind is a boundless clean slate.