Experience the Overview Effect just like an astronaut!

About SpaceVR

What is SpaceVR?

We have pioneered a multi-sensory, virtual experience that takes you on a voyage to the vast skies of Earth’s orbit while in a zero-gravity float tank. Our stellar team is working on launching the world’s first virtual reality camera satellite in the history of humanity. Join our mission! We believe in exploration that empowers.


The approximate speed our Earth spins at.

0 Mi

Distance to our nearest neighbor the moon from our big blue ball.


The # of people that applied to be on Mars One.


The # of people who have orbited the Earth with SpaceVR. Who’s next?

Experience the awe of orbiting the Earth for yourself!

When you combine the weightless environment of a zero gravity float pod with our high definition virtual reality orbit
you get an experience that’s truly out of this world.

Meet The Team

Ryan Holmes

CEO & Founder

Serial Entrepreneur, Software Engineer, Designer, Founder of Several Startups including Sphr, E5 Engineering.

Felix Baum

Director of Engineering

VR and Gaming Industry Veteran. Emmy Engineering Awardee. Adobe Employee of the Year. Verizon IoT Architect.


Meet Our Advisors & Partners

We are working with an amazing team of advisors and partners, including astronauts, NASA scientists and space engineers!

Richard Garriott, Private Astronaut

Joanna Wei, CoFounder of Beijing


Jeffrey Manber, Managing Director of


Sean Casey, PHD, MBA, ExNASA Scientist

Frank White, Author, Space Researcher, and

Founder of “The Overview Effect”

Mike Smithwick, Founder of Distant Suns

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About the Experience

Our Technology

Together we can elevate human consciousness.

SpaceVR's VR Headset

Our custom designed headset. Copyright SpaceVR.

Waterproof. Humidity Proof. Perfection.

SpaceVR is the only company on the planet to have a VR headset specifically designed to work in a float pod environment. Our headsets feature resolution per eye higher than most brands on the market today.

Meet Overview 1 - Set To Launch In 2020

SpaceVR is working with NanoRacks to launch Overview 1, the world’s first virtual reality camera satellite into low Earth orbit.Overview 1 will use 4K sensors to capture LIVE, extremely high resolution, fully immersive, 360-degree video from low Earth orbit. SpaceVR content will accessible from whichever device you choose. The Overview One camera footage will work with any virtual reality device including Samsung Gear, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and even a mobile device via the Google Cardboard app. While you won’t have the zero gravity of a float pod, you will have the most intense real time spaceflight possible.

Photo for illustration purposes only. Not our exact satellite.

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