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Experience a Virtual Reality Space Flight Like No Other.

Enjoy an hour orbit around Earth while weightless in your own private flotation pad. SpaceVR’s innovative and immersive technology provides a transformative virtual experience. Experience the feeling of floating in space and a perspective of our Earth like you’ve never seen before.

What is a SpaceVR Experience?

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Floating through space and observing the Earth creates a profound shift in consciousness known as The Overview Effect. We developed our SpaceVR program specifically to take you on this journey like never before. It’s the weightless environment of the float pod that truly creates the opportunity for you to feel like an astronaut and get totally blissed out.


New York

Floating Lotus

39 W 56th St,

New York, NY 10019, USA

(212) 600-0220


Pause Studio

13353 Washington Blvd,

Los Angeles, 90066, USA

(310) 439-1972



8647 Ogden Ave,

Lyons, 60534, USA

(708) 539-3487


True REST Float Spa

10721 Research Blvd,

Austin, TX 78759, USA

(512) 432-5189


Lifeshot Healthcare
108 Healing House, Lexington Towers, Thane, Maharashtra, 400607, India
+91 80 4805 3454

New Jersey

True REST Float Spa

990 Cedar Bridge Ave,

Brick Township, 08723, USA

(732) 477-1515


Float House Abbotsford

140 1828 McCallum Road McCallum Junction Plz

Abbotsford, BC V2S 0H9, Canada

+1 604-746-7575


Float Spa München-Neuhausen
Donnersbergerstraße 55,

80634, Munich

+49 89 51566939

Jersey City Wellness Spa
18 Park View Ave Suite 2A,
Jersey City, NJ 07302
(201) 333-8116


Float Spa

Volendamlaan 1162,

2547 CZ, Den Haag

+31 70 221 0121


Float Spa

Hatostraat 26,

1043DD, Amsterdam

+31 020-2443158

Hong Kong

F L O A T Co.

Basement, 89 Caine Rd,

Midlevels, Hong Kong

+852 2548-2844

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Frequently Asked Questions​

You literally float in your personal zero gravity float pod while wearing a comfortable virtual reality headset in the beautiful views of Earth, similar to an astronaut in space.

You have complete control of your environment. You can leave the light on or get out anytime. You can start by leaving the float tank door slightly open until you feel settled and relaxed. Being in the tanks is more like floating in outer space than being shut in a box. You’re always in control of your environment, and even people with extreme claustrophobia have reported having no problems with their time in the tank

You will see the beauty of our planet from the International Space Station for 45min, which is equal to half an orbit around Earth. We used the best footage from space to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

If you wear reading glasses to see up close, you should bring them to wear during your virtual float too.

This process is very easy. You simply put your headset on. Adjust the straps on the sides for comfort and lay back. Our smart electronic system will do the rest.

Most people love the experience and do not feel any of the normal side effects of VR. The experience is very slow moving and comfortable while floating in water. Please be sure not to come on an empty stomach and not right after a heavy meal either. Enjoy a light snack before and you should feel great all through your experience.

Your full session is 90 min starting with a quick 5 minute shower to wash off any makeup, lotions, hair products. We provide shampoo and shower gel for your pre-float shower. Float pods are extremely clean environments and we don’t want to add any additional product to the solution. You will enter carefully with the headset. Adjust the headset and layback to enjoy your Space Float around Earth. Your session in the pod is 60 minutes consisting of a 45 minute virtual reality experience followed by about 15 minutes of silent comfortable floating, while continuing to wear the headset. Filter, music and lights will let you know your float is ending. Remove the headset. Place it outside to float pod on a towel and carefully step out to shower briefly adding only conditioner this time. Please take brief showers as not to cut into your float time. Feel free to relax in the post float room after your experience.

The water is soft due to the saline solution. It’s very comfortable and warm to the point where you may lose sense of the environment and really feel like you are in space. Avoid getting the solution in your mouth or eyes. It sure is salty!

If you have longer hair, you may want to bring a brush. Also if you have contact lenses, please bring something to store them in while you’re floating. Other than that, our partner spas provide everything you need (towels, earplugs, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and a hair dryer.

It’s birthday suit time. Your room is private for your session with a personal shower and changing area in the room. You will simply wear earplugs and a virtual reality headset while floating.

Avoid caffeinated drinks for several hours beforehand to fully relax. Men avoid shaving 6 hours before a float and for women allow at least 12 hours. Epsom Salt solution can irritate and sting your skin. Eat a light meal 60-90 minutes prior to your float to alleviate any hunger pains.

Of course. Follow the same process you would for swimming.

The pod is set at a comfortable skin temperature for your float. It’s recommended to take a slightly cool shower before floating to feel warmer during your float.

Your room is completely private. We recommend to float in the nude. Float rooms are equipped with their own shower and changing area

Epsom Salts are naturally occurring pure mineral compounds comprised of magnesium and sulfate. Magnesium plays an important role in regulating over 325 enzymes, reducing inflammation and muscle tension. Sulfates enhance the absorption of nutrients, flush toxins and ease migraine headaches.

Everyone will float. All you have to do is lay back and relax your body fully. Floating doesn’t require any swimming skills and with such high levels of salt the buoyancy is what will keep you floating.

Some of our clients do not want to leave our pods. A standard float session usually last for 60 minutes.

Yes. Please ask our partner what their policy is on children under 18 years old. In general, above 12 years old.

We do not recommend floating for Epileptics, Heart Conditions, or people with kidney disease and Ear Infections. You will be required to complete a questionnaire prior to your session to determine if floating is safe for you. Also, if you recently dyed your hair, your color must be set and shower water run completely clear before floating.

The pods are completely in your control and you can get in and out at any time. There is an easy open and close lid to allow you to be fully in control of how you would like to enjoy your float.

The water is fully filtered 4 times between each float. A powerful pump and the very latest in filtration technology are incorporated in the design. Existing floatation tanks filter at around 30 microns whereas the i-sopod filters are fully effective to one micron which is an incredible 100 times smaller than a human hair! Also Epsom Salts are a natural disinfectant and are in abundance in the water – please do not worry you will not smell like you just came out of a public swimming pool or a hot tub. In addition float pods have UV filtration, Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide to keep the cleanest solution you can imagine.

Surprisingly your skin doesn’t even prune up, this is due to the high levels of Epsom Salts in the water. You absorb a lot of Magnesium from the Epsom Salt.

There is around 10 inches of water and 1000 pounds of Epsom Salt, it would be impossible to drown inside the float tank. Some people fall asleep because of the deep relaxation floating provides. The water is incredibly buoyant that you stay afloat. Just one hour of floating is equivalent to 4 hours of deep sleep. Many clients who suffer from insomnia or jet lag get immense relief from floating.

You will have your own private float pod and room for your session. We do have multiple pods in separate rooms, so you can come with a friend and each have your own headset and private pod. Space Dates are one of the best experiences you will share with someone special!

Many of our clients experience significant benefits on their first float. Just like Yoga, Meditation, working out and any form of active wellness, floating is also a practice, the more you float the more you will enjoy floating’s cumulative benefits.

Everyone has very unique float experiences. Most feel relaxed similar to wonderful massage. Be gentle and give yourself time after your float to enjoy in our post float relaxation room.

We all have expectations and are a normal part of our instant and busy society. As a rule of thumb we suggest to not hold any expectations before your first float session and to have a neutral mind. Simply by letting go of expectations, the mind is a boundless clean slate.

Floating has been around for over 50 years and has numerous published scientific research to back up its many benefits.

Yes, you can redeem your purchase within 1 year.


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